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  • January 8, 2023

Everything you need to know about structural steel buildings in Nepal

Are you looking for structural steel buildings in Nepal for your new venture but not sure if the outcome will be as expected or not? No need to worry because, in this blog, we'll walk you through the detailed specifications of the pre-engineered buildings with steel structures so that you can have a clear vision and make the best decision.

Structural Steel Building Construction: A Brief Information

Structural Steel building construction is the most popular innovative type of building that provides durable, reasonable, and low maintenance cost and hence becomes the ideal fit for conventional residential/commercial structures and more specialized structures like bridges. Contractors or property owners who are going to invest in steel building construction for the first time must first have a clear understanding of the basics. 

Features of Structural Steel buildings in Nepal

Let’s look into the deeper features of the steel building structure.

  • Portal frame structure: This structure is used in industrial buildings with a fast construction speed.
  • Steel building frame structure: This structure is used in super high commercial buildings which are flexible and form a larger space.
  • Steel truss structure: This structure is a small rod that forms large cross-section elements and is used in industrial buildings such as roofs, bridges, towers, etc.
  • Steel grid structure: It is a small light weighted structure composed of many rods and is used in the exhibition hall, canopies, hangars, etc.

Structural Steel Building Construction Steps

1. Foundation is made, and anchor bolts are placed.

2. Columns are attached to anchor bolts in concrete.

3. Girts (horizontal beams) are attached to all columns and overhead door jambs.

4. Trusses are assembled.

5. Completed trusses are raised onto columns and connected.

6. Purlins (horizontal beams but on the roof) are attached to the tops of the trusses/rafters.

7. Double-check framing and bolts before sheeting.

8. wall panels and wall insulation are installed.

9. Roof insulation and roof panels are attached.

10. You can add any translucent panels, gutters, downspouts, or other trim and seal the building to finish it off.

Advantages of structural steel buildings in Nepal

Let’s look at some advantages of structural steel buildings in Nepal.

  • Compared to other structural materials, steel is cheaper.
  • Steel structures are largely fire resistant whereas woods are lower fire resistant.
  • Steel structure is well fabricated and inflexible which helps to repel disasters like earthquakes, heavy winds, and heavy rains.
  • The overall development process of Steel structure buildings is handed off in a cost-effective and timely manner. 
  • Threat indication, humidity and weather resistance, easy fabrication, safe and resistant, environment-friendly, easy installation, and speedy construction are the major advantages of steel structure buildings.

Why choose HIPCO PEB for structural steel building construction?

Among various steel building construction, a popular one is pre-engineered building (PEB). There are many PEB manufacturers in Nepal who can help with the construction of your new venture but among them HIPCO SUPERBUILD PEB is the best. Our PEB steel products can be customized to meet any requirement. Our goal is to provide safe steel structures that meet international standards in the architectural manufacturing industry

If you have any queries then contact us anytime. We are always here to guide you.

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