FEATURES    Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (HIPCOINFRA)   Conventional Buildings (Traditional Style)
  Design   Efficient due to its integral framing system

  Time-consuming and fewer precision design aid

  International Building and Design Code   Voluntary compliance with international green compliance     construction code, MBMA, AISC, AISI and NBC

  Code and updated and followed

 Computer Software  Internationally recognized engineering software for design, drawing,   estimation and detailing.

 No such developments.

 Structure Weight   20-25% lighter than conventional because structure members used are   tapered built up

 Heavyweight structure members used are hot rolled I-sections

 Foundations  Structural Weight is low, thus, lightweight with efficient design is enough

 The heavyweight structure requires very heavy foundations

 Delivery Speed and Construction time  Faster delivery - 500 MT - 6 to 8 weeks and rapid on-site erection

 Very slow delivery - 500 MT - 20 to 26 weeks. Construction is also   time-consuming

 Cost of Construction  Lower cost - Price per square is up to 30% less

 Price per square is very high

 Seismic Resistance  Good resistance due to lightweight and flexible members

 Cannot withstand due to rigid heavy frame

 Architectural Versatility  Impressive and modern architectural design options at low cost

 Limited options and high costs

 Flexibility of Expansion  Easily expanded in length by adding additional bays; width and height by pre-designing for future expansion; Easy and flexible due to its simple connection design.

 Difficult to expand and high cost

 Performance  All the components are fabricated at the factory for maximum efficiency

 Components design individually at the site, thus, no guarantee of   efficiency

 Single-Source Responsibility  Only one supplier, hence, the compatibility of all building components and     accessories in assured with minimal construction risks

 Very issues of quality, cost and delivery due to multiple suppliers

 Open Clear Span   Can offer large clear span up to 120M without any intermediate supports;   Choices available in single, multi and continuous span to ensure voluminous   space

 Not more than 10M clear span in reinforced concrete and maximum clear span of 40M in conventional buildings

 Durability and Maintenance  High-Quality paint system for steel structure protected with proper coating   system prefabricated at factory results in long durability and low   maintenance cost

 The heavyweight of materials compromises the durability and     longevity of the building. It also requires constant Maintenance   yielding to higher costs