Product Descriptions

Hulas Cladex : 

Profile  Effective Width Base Metal Thickness (mm) Available in Length (ft)
Hulas Cladex 780 0.24 to 0.50  6’ to 18’

Recommended Usage: False Ceilings, Wall Partition (Interior & Exterior)

Description : 

Hulas Cladex is a cost-effective exterior and interior finishing system which not only helps in protecting the interiors of the building from the harsh weather elements but also makes the outside decorative and attractive. It is best used for wall cladding of PEB structures, false ceilings, and both indoor and outdoor partitions.


Hulas Deck 

Profile  Effective Width Thickness (mm) Available in Length (ft)
Hulas Deck 780 0.75 to 1.2  6’ to 24’

Features > 

  • Fast Construction Process
  • Less use of concrete
  • No support required

Description : 

Hulas Deck is the most effective method of constructing floors using less concrete, having a fast construction process with less support required. It is an innovative high-strength zinc-coated sheet designed to use in the construction of composite flooring slabs.


Product Title
Hulas Cladding and Deck
Manufactured Date
November 12, 2021