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  • December 30, 2022

Top reasons to use Pre Engineered Buildings in Nepal

Time is an essential commodity for people worldwide, and time means money. So, businesses have already developed the concept of pre-engineered building, a.k.a PEB.  To describe PEB, it is a predesigned and prefabricated metal building in Nepal that is generally applied as an alternative to traditional structural building. When it comes to PEB, you can discover different types like trusses, portals, multi-story buildings, columns, roof systems, unique pre-engineered buildings, etc. One can execute any design according to their needs and adequacy.

Now, let's start with the article discussing why pre-engineered building(PEB) may be the best option for your projects. [ Read our Blog on Complete Guideline to PEB]


Five significant advantages of using pre-engineered buildings in Nepal

As PEB has unlimited advantages, here we will be addressing five important advantages of using PEB designs for your next project:

  • More Affordable or cost-effective

Compared to other building methods, PEB's materials and construction costs are more affordable and cost-effective. The ease in the construction process also reduces labor. After all, parts of pre-engineered buildings are created beforehand; they tend to cost less than standard constructions. Prices per square are lesser up to 30%  than conventional buildings. So if you want to create a building with a limited budget, you can opt for pre-engineered steel structures and be economical.

  • Strong and Durable

Whether you are building a commercial or a residential project, strong structures are an absolute necessity. As you know, metal buildings are robust, and so is PEB. They are noncombustible,stand-up-against atmospheric phenomena, and endure heavy loads for many years. Also, the fabrication is solid, durable, and structurally sound. But in the case of traditional buildings, the heavy weight of materials compromises the durability and longevity of the building. For this reason, PEB is gaining popularity and is trendy for various construction applications and structural designs.

  • Quicker construction 

Since PEB is pre-engineered and prefabricated, it generally appears with patterns and instructions. Likewise, most PEB-designed buildings are quick to set up and simple to assemble, resulting in a lower time and cost than conventional structures. Also, you can have them personalized according to your needs and specifications. With the ahead-produced materials, the entire project gets completed quickly within 6-8 weeks and on-site erection whereas traditional building takes more than 20-26 weeks for project completion. Thus, PEBs are quick to put together, so it is an excellent choice for modern and large project buildings. 

  • Eco-friendly and energy-efficient

PEB holds distinct advantages over the present trend of "environment-friendly" construction materials. Steel comes with elements and material that is recyclable. So it possesses the feature of being eco-friendly. Utilizing fiberglass insulation, PEBs maintain cooling and heating low. Also, the addition of coatings reduces further energy consumption. So, PEBs are eco-friendly and energy-efficient over traditional construction materials and components. 

  • More flexible and versatile

One more advantage of PEB is that they are highly versatile and flexible. According to your needs, suitable customization can be for small or large ones. PEB designs accommodate all sorts of construction designs and projects. Once erected, it's easier to add rooms and partitions. PEB projects being flexible and versatile brings ideal results to your creation. Due to its simple connection design,  PEB is an easier, more flexible and versatile process. Now you know a few practical advantages of using PEB, and growing businesses can go with PEB as it can be an ideal choice and wise investment. 


Increasing application of pre-engineered buildings in Nepal

The current business scenario of Nepal is advancing, developing, and becoming the business hub.  As such, every business wants to be economical towards startup investment and earn huge returns. Pre-engineered buildings or steel structure buildings in Nepal have been available for many years; these days, many builders prefer PEB structures over others, foreseeing their amazing benefits.


Nepal is an earthquake-prone country and looking back at the year when a massive earthquake hit Nepal, people lost their near ones, properties, and assets. That was when people could sense the importance of PEB buildings. PEB has turned out to be the most effective and durable solution. Being the optimum, superior quality, and structurally safer solution, PEB projects are easy to execute at less cost rather than building in traditional ways. The trend of Pre-engineered buildings in Nepal has been gaining more popularity and is in huge demand since it's a safer yet cost-effective building option appropriate for any sector.


While there are many options and grades to choose from, look for the one that adequately suits and understands the project needs. Investing in either too expensive or inexpensive ones is unsuitable for every project. So if you feel chaotic finding a top PEB manufacturer in Nepal, you should contact the HIPCO Infra- 1st PEB manufacturing company of Nepal offering complete building solutions.

 Why choose HIPCO for pre-engineered buildings in Nepal?

HIPCO PEB, leading solution provider for steel structure acknowledges ultimate customers, and provides  high-quality products that are made-to-order for your new projects, big or small. When you plan to design a construction project, by contacting HIPCO super build, you can turn your ideas into reality because customer growth is what we consider the most. You can discover suitable PEB steel products that are appropriate for any construction needs of pre-engineered building(PEB) as well as pre-engineered structure(PES).


Contact HIPCO Superbuild today and explore the complete PEB solutions like pre engineered building structure, standard framing system sub-structural framing systems, heavy steel structure fabrications, Mezzanine systems, crane systems/beams to meet your overall project needs. 


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